SQL Server Error – Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The System cannot find the specified path (mscorlib)

Today I was analyzing some queries in SQL Server Management Studio. When I clicked on Analyze Query in Database Engine Tuning Advisor the following error was displayed Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The System cannot find the specified path (mscorlib).

To solve that error, open the Task Manager, find the process DTASHELL.EXE and terminate it.


Et Voilà, now you can safely try opening the Database Engine Tuning Advisor again.


Blue Frontend – Great times are coming!

Hello SharePointers,

This won’t be a technical post, but rather a big THANK YOU one.

But first, I’ll just rewind to the beginning.

The Beginning

This year I had decided to move abroad. I really wanted to experience working in another country, and all the kind of personal growth that such experience could provide.

I couldn’t proceed without saying Thank You to my former company, Globant. I really had a great time there. That company gave me a lot of friends that I’d take with me forever.

Globant provided me the opportunity to work with companies in the U.S., actually most part of my job there was working for an American client. Having those experiences only pushed me even more to pursue my dream of living and working abroad. But to do that, I’d have to get out of my comfort zone.

Again, I really liked my job. So, I started to look for job opportunities that would provide relocation support, but not that hard. After all, I had no rush.


Someday around July or August, I’ve had finally found a job that matched my criteria. Germany was about to be my destination. I did the whole process, interview at the Company, Interview with the client, signed the contract and ultimately applied for the VISA.

When everything was in the right place and the VISA request was filled at German Embassy, I resigned from Globant. I know I shouldn’t have done that before the result of my VISA process, but I’d have a short time after the result of my visa to be in Germany.

For reasons I couldn’t comprehend back then, my visa was denied. Neither the company or the german government could provide a direct answer of what went wrong and what I could do to fix it. The company was in fact astonished that the process didn’t work out. After a lot of effort that my future-not-even-started company did, we haven’t got an answer and ran without of options. So the dream was postponed (even though back then I thought it was actually canceled).

By this point, I left my job, my visa was rejected, the economy in Brazil wasn’t so good for a change – I was really bad about everything. There were days that I couldn’t leave my bed, I was really down.

What was really weird is that despite the fact I didn’t want to had another denial, I couldn’t look for a new job in Brazil. I just couldn’t.

New hope

After a couple months, I was too afraid to try again. The visa rejection really got into me. I applied for a few companies without much hope, just to keep some hope that eventually things would change. I was kind of tricking myself. I applied for international jobs so my brain could leave me alone (if that’s even possible!).

Until I got a reply from Blue Frontend.

I did some interviews and I could instantly feel the connection with that company, I really wanted to work there. I couldn’t explain why I felt that way, but everything seemed to be in the right place.  After my last conversation with Sam, the managing director of the company, I had the impression that I was hired, but after the trauma I just had, I’d rather wait.

Seconds seemed to last eras.

After some days, my contract arrived. I signed it and two weeks later I was in Ghent, Belgium. I couldn’t believe that!

To be honest, I’ve never thought to move in to Belgium before. Actually, I always have pictured myself moving to USA. Talking with some friends in Brazil, one of them asked me: “You said you wanted to go to USA, but have you ever tried? Have you applied for any job there?”. As surprisingly at it may sound, the answer for that question is NO. For some reason, I was only trying to move to a german-speaking country.

New home

Nowadays, I can understand why everything went wrong about Germany. I have no words to describe what Blue Frontend did for me.

All the support I needed and what I’ve never imagined, they’ve provided me. Really, I simply cannot describe what they’ve done. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to you guys: Sam, Thais, Kim and all the Blue Frontend family members, that’s what you all are to me, family members.

I’ll push myself to the very limit, work as hard as I can to payback what you’ve done for me.

The Belgium people are so friendly, everyone I’ve had the chance to talk to were really nice to me. I really feel welcomed here and want to call this country as my home.

Last but not least

I just thought in writing this post so you could see why I haven’t been so active in the community and also to acknowledge that sometimes the life is mysterious and things happens in a way you couldn’t see at the moment. You might even get angry, but after a while you’ll see it was the best thing for you.

So, keep walking 🙂

Some pictures of Gent:

Microsoft MVP 4.0

Hello SharePointers,

Today arrived my 4th MVP Award, category Office Servers and Services.

This is a very special award because is signed by Saty Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, whom is doing a really great job with Microsoft’s new vision and positioning.

It has been a honor to be beside such great professionals for one more year!


Thank you so much Microsoft!

New MAXPATH limits in SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Hello SharePointers,

The Microsoft has incresead the MAXPATH limits in SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

The actual value was 256 unicode characters and now it is 400.

This new limit section applies to un-encoded URLS, and you can use the following formula to calculate the value:

URL = protocol + server name + folder or file path + folder or file path + parameters

So, using this url as sample:


the extracted parts are:

Protocol http://
Server name www.contoso.com/
Folder or file path sites/marketing/documents/Shared%20Documents/Promotion/
File name Some%20File.xlsx


Reference: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint-Blog/New-MAXPATH-limits-in-SharePoint-and-OneDrive/ba-p/68273

English posts

Hello SharePointers,

From now on, I’ll post in English and Portuguese whenever is possible. When I have some free time, I’ll translate old posts to English, but the main focus here are the new ones 🙂

I don’t even need to mention why I’m doing this: English is one of the most common language if not THE most common one and by doing this I’ll increase my reach throughout the world. “Sharing is caring”.

I just hope one day I would be able to do the same thing I’m doing now but with German. 🙂

Thank you guys! 😀


SharePoint Framework quick samples

Hello SharePointers,

I’ve created a GitHub repository that I’ll use to store some SharePoint Framework quick and useful samples.

The repo link is: https://github.com/RARomano/SharePointFramework-Samples. If you like it, please star it 🙂

The first sample shows how to load CSS from a CDN, which is pretty useful. The direct link of that tip is: https://github.com/RARomano/SharePointFramework-Samples/tree/master/AddCustomStyles

I hope you like it 😀